WE are FMCSA HOS ELD Approved Manufacturer Distributor.

Manage your Fleet WITHOUT all the Headaches!

R & L Fleet Management makes implementing and servicing your GPS/ HOS-ELD tracking system PAIN FREE!

We even wrote a handy guide to get you started…

“The 7 Crucial Keys to Choosing the RIGHT

‘GPS Tracking’ HOS/ELD’ Solution.”

HOS ELD System / GPS Tracking System

100% Reliability Guarantee or it’s FREE*

*If the system doesn’t work due to malfunction of our product, the end user gets 3 months of FREE service plan for the truck with the issue.

Is your GPS Tracking / HOS - ELD System a


The difference between the 2 will almost always come down to the tools and systems that you use to track and manage your fleet.

With the RIGHT GPS Tracking/HOS ELD System plan in place the questions is then shifted from…
How much will this cost me?’ into ‘How much will this save me?’


Struggling with These?

Vehicle Downtime

Poor & Inefficient Scheduling of Installation

Lack of Support from your existing GPS / HOS-ELD provider

Whether you are managing a Fleet of nationally or locally – from two in-town vehicles to a fleet of 2000 18-wheelers – R & L Fleet Management can help you drive bottom-line savings!

R&L Fleet Management is here to assist you

What Our Customers Say...

What I like about R&L Fleet Management — I get to talk with the same person every time and that’s very important to me. I have had several other tracking companies and you have to talk to 2 -3 different people on the same call or when you call in you never get the same person. At R&L Fleet Management there is no talking to a different person every time I call in.

They know who I am and understand my business needs with the tracking system.

They make it VERY EASY to do business with them and they take all the hassles out of owning a GPS Tracking system. They pick up the phone every time I call.

Jay @ Wilson Equipment

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We are a ‘Family Owned & Operated’ business that treats our clients like we would our own family members. 

When you need us, we are there to help get you going!



Using the most advanced industry-leading fleet management tracking platform will allow you to stay up to date with REAL-TIME visibility and operational control of your fleet.

PLUS you will have a complete view of your fleets activity and important information including

  • IFTA Miles
  • DOT Compliant
  • Idle time
  • Last location
  • Current status
  • Speed
  • Temperature Monitoring

And a whole lot more…. 

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The 7 Crucial Keys to Choosing the RIGHT 'GPS Tracking' HOS ELD Solution